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What We Do

Audio / Video Solutions

Our Audio and Video solutions are specifically designed to meet each customer's unique needs. With every project we focus on developing a clear understanding of customer requirements and engineer our solutions to meet each of these needs. Our solutions scale from small establishments and homes to large commercial facilities and homes. Our services include design, engineering, installation, and system tuning.

We offer many high quality Audio products from manufactures such as Crestron, Denon, Marantz, Niles, Bose, JBL, Martin Logan, and others. We maintain expertise in Acoustic Planning, Distributed Audio Playback Systems, Home Theater, Dance Clubs, Bars, and Staging.

Our Video playback solutions offer exceptional quality and clarity. We offer many types of Video playback solutions and several of our products are 4K compatible and integrate fully into our distributed video systems. We carry many display products from manufactures such as Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, JVC, Sun Brite, InFocus, and others. We also offer installation services for the displays you already own.

Home / Building Automation

Automation is the engine behind today’s Smart Home and Smart Building. Our Crestron control systems can be uniquely configured and programmed to deliver nearly any experience you wish. Would you like your shades to lower and AC to turn on as the sun rises and shines into your living room? Perhaps you would like your lights to illuminate as the sun goes down. Or maybe you want your room to automatically adjust its components for watching TV as you walk in. This is all possible with our automation and control products.

We offer unique automation solutions that encompass Audio, Video, Lighting, Shading, Door Locks, Pools/Spas, Cameras, and HVAC and much more. These experiences are possible by taking advanced technologies and control system products and programming them to do extraordinary things. If you can dream it, we can create it.

Control Systems

An elegant user interface to your system is something we take great pride in creating and believe it enhances your overall experience. Our custom designed interfaces can be configured with few or many features as you wish. Controlling your entire home or building from one device or panel is a liberating experience. Our interfaces are designed to work together and run on a variety of input devices such as Mobile Phones, Tablets, Touch Panels, and Remote Controls. Our control systems are designed to integrate with nearly any component using a standard communication protocol including Infrared, Serial, and Network communications. We can integrate everything from Geothermal Driveways and Alarm Systems to motorized TV mounts and Steam Showers. The possibilities are endless.

IT Network Solutions

MVM Integration is strongly rooted in Telecommunications, Network Engineering and Architecture. Our engineers have many years of experience designing and deploying Network solutions. We offer installation of Structured Cabling Systems, Wireless Network Solutions, Network Routing and Switching, VoIP, Firewall and other IT Services. This strong foundation in IT allows MVM Integration to provide customers extremely reliable networks upon which their Home and Building Automation products can operate.

We also offer IT Services for computer systems including Work Station setup, configuration of User Security, Anti-Virus, System Backups, program and ancillary device installation, and system optimization. IT can be a headache – Let us help!

Custom Shading and Lighting

We offer a wide variety of custom shading and lighting solutions to help our customers achieve the exact look and feel they desire. We carry hundreds of fabric options and offer many aesthetically appealing shade styles, designed to cover very large or small areas. Our ultra-quite motorized shades are custom manufactured for each customer’s specifications and integrate with our control systems to fit into your whole home or building control and automation system.

Our custom lighting solutions are designed for each customer’s unique experience. We can integrate with a variety of different light manufactures and offer dimming and zone control solutions depending on the system design. All of our lighting solutions can be integrated into you home or building control and automation system allowing you control them from anywhere.

Video Surveillance

MVM Integration offers Video Surveillance Solutions that allow our customers to monitor their home or business from a number of devices including their computer or mobile phone. Our goal is to ensure your property is being sufficiently monitored by designing comprehensive surveillance solutions using industry best practices. We offer a variety of high quality camera’s and Network Video Recorders from manufactures such as IC Real-time and Panasonic. Our services include design, installation, and configuration of NVR and playback systems.


Digital Content Displays

Engaging electronic displays allow our customers to control and fine-tune the content they show in the most professional and engaging way. MVM Integration works with you to find the best display layout and customization for your environment.

Access Points

Wireless Access Points ensure patrons fast and reliable WIFI. Well-engineered wireless solutions allow our customers the security of knowing their WIFI is reliable and will be able to conduct all of their business needs without worry.

On-Site Surveillance

On-Site Surveillance allows our customers to monitor their location from anywhere at any time. Indoor and outdoor security cameras mean our customer's location remains safe all hours of the day.

Complete Audio Systems

Custom tailoring a high-quality audio environment requires precision and ballance. Ceiling and pendant mounted speakers allow patrons to enjoy tailored music while making unsightly hardware almost invisible.

IT Control Centers

On-site control hubs that keep our customer's system centralized. Our advanced integration systems ensure our customer's have the highest quality audio, video, and IT structure while providing the availability of on-site permanence.

Custom-Tailored Ambiance

Each environment calls for different needs and solutions. We have the know-how, creativity, and resources to maximize your space for the highest quality effect possible.

Exterior Customization

Expand the intended experience to new places. Our customers can enjoy the benefits of high-quality audio, video, and lighting indoors and outdoors.


We offer a multitude of high quality products from trusted companies like Crestron. Contact us for more details.

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